Watery Desktop 3D

Watery Desktop 3D 4.07

Add a water 3D animated effect to your desktop with this free program

This free wallpaper and screensaver combo shows a series of realistic water 3D effects in your desktop. If you check the corresponding box on the installation wizard, the program will start running automatically after installing it, so you don't need to take additional steps. However, you can uncheck the box and run the program manually.

As I've mentioned, the animated effects are very realistic. Among them are light and heavy rain, different types of ripples, a whirlpool effect, and so on. You can set the program so every time you move the cursor across your desktop, it will leave a trace as if it was touching the water surface. You can also set the time you want an effect to show before changing, and uncheck the effects that you don't like.

You can set the program to work as a screensaver too. In this case, the effect will show over the window(s) you have opened. The effects you set on the program's setup will be the same that will show on the screensaver. Also, you can go to Windows' screensaver configuration. When clicking on the Settings feature, a small preview of the screensaver will appear besides the setup window. This is a cool feature.

The main disadvantage of the program is that some of the effects are unavailable in the free version, and a "nag screen" appears every now and then to tell you that if you want to activate those effects, you need to purchase the full version. Also, the program is resource-intensive, so you will need a good video card to run the program properly without making your system to slow down.

Victor Hernandez
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Review summary


  • Free
  • Realistic water effects


  • Consumes a great deal of video memory, so you need good hardware to run it smoothly
  • Can't show some of the effects, which are available only on the paid-based version of the program
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